Joias is the creation of a family from Ogliastra, a provence in Sardinia, who shared a passion for the rich art, culture, traditions and history of their island. They envisaged a trademark for Sardinian artistic craftsmanship which could bring together avant-garde design with exceptional artisanal production. This would have led to the creation of a new brand to showcase contemporary trends and the work of modern artisans along with the addition of a new dimension to the traditional concept of craftsmanship in Sardinia.

In 2019 they were ready to launch their new wraparound skirt and thus they contacted e-light, via a mutual friend, to shoot their advertising campaign.

The team was composed by e-light, the make-up artist Alice Alfonsi, our photo assistant and Joias. The day of the shooting a challenging wind continuously rocked the boat making it difficult for the models to keep their balance at first. However, their professionalism and the perseverance of the whole team guaranteed the success of the photoshoot. Given the location and the fact that we were shooting with natural light, we used reflectors and the combination of our Sony a7rII with the 24-70 mm lens and our analogue camera, the Yashica Mat 124G.

The shooting on the boat was the first part of the whole campaign.

The second part took place in our studio using a white plain background. Once both photoshoots were complete and the photos were ready, we went trough the images and selected the ones to retouch.

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