Arena Calvino

Arena Calvino 

In November 2018 we were introduced by a mutual friend to Arena Calvino.

Located in centre of Cagliari, Arena Calvino is one of the most advanced dental practise clinic in Sardinia due to the excellency of their skills and innovative techniques.

The photographic project called “wedding smile program” is a targeted and specific dental aesthetics service conceived for the wedding day. The dental aesthetic program is an initiative of Doctors Nicola Arena and Alessandro Calvino created to answer the increasingly frequent and compelling requests for weddings, social networks. presentations and fashion events.

The photoshoot took place in both the clinic of our clients and a location near Cagliari.

The team included MUA Alice Alfonsi and a creative agency which provided us with two models.

During the photoshoot we benefited from and used natural light with a reflector accompanied by the studio’s lighting and the sony a7rii with the 24-70mm Gmaster. 

The finalised images for their website and social media were sent to our clients within two weeks from the shooting.

For further information about Arena Calvino feel free to click on the link below.

Learn more about the wedding smile program